28 August 2022

Tommy Berry is carving out a reputation as one of the best jockeys in the country with 3 Golden Slippers to his name and still only 31 years old

Having had success in both Australia and also the racing hot bed of Hong Kong and is battling hard to win the Sydney jockey’s premiership.


But while he loves winning Group Ones, Tommy also loves spending time at home with his four children, who keep him every bit on his toes as the million dollar champions he rides for a living.


“The best thing about being a dad is definitely the unconditional love shared between each other … it’s unbeatable!

We asked Tommy if he had any funny stories about the kids and he said “When Charlise was starting big school the teachers at her a daycare had to fill out a form about her for the new teachers and they asked her – what do you want the teachers to know about you – and she said that my dad is a really good jockey and has lots of trophies!”

Tommy overall has always made me laugh. The people that know him know he loves to muck around and he is often doing and saying very stupid things. He is great at his job but not the smartest guy I’ll tell you that!


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