24 August 2023

What a year for Craig Goodwin

Craig’s last year are what dreams are made of for a footballer. From jaw-dropping goals to awe-inspiring performances.

One of the standout moments of Craig Goodwin’s year was his stellar performance in Qatar. Representing Australia in the World Cup, Goodwin stood out as a key player, showcasing his exceptional skills and versatility on the field.

His ability to navigate through defenders with finesse and deliver deadly shots on goal was simply outstanding, scoring a deflected goal for the Socceroos against eventual champions Argentina.

But Goodwin’s brilliance didn’t stop there. After returning to his club, Adelaide United, he continued to dominate the A-League with his exceptional performances, rewriting the record books as the club’s captain and all-time leading scorer.

He was then rewarded with the Johnny Warren Medallist as the best player the A League.

All while his family watched.

“Last year was an amazing year. I was able to achieve so much personally within football but to be able to share every moment with Katelyn and Ezra – especially the World Cup – has left us with a life time of memories.

One of my favourites was watching Katelyn and Ezra dancing at the World Cup during the warm up against Tunisia”.


Craig’s best assets as a father is his dependability and involvement, being so personally engaged in teaching Ezra about interests, hopes and dreams - while also teaching life lessons through his actions. 


On what makes Craig a good Dad

Craig’s heart is with his hometown team Adelaide, where he and wife Katelyn are happily raising his young son Ezra. 

“Being a new dad has definitely given me a different perspective and now every thought process is always what’s best for Katelyn and Ezra first,”

We asked Craig how hard is it when he’s away from his loved ones.

“Its tough somethings during the season being away most weekends can be challenging, but the most challenging is the international camps when we are away for two weeks at a time. But coming through the door and seeing how excited he gets always brings a massive smile to my face”.

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