20 August 2023

Andrew became an instant star last year with his penalty shootout heroics against Peru.

A loving father of two with Poppy (2) & now two week old Banjo.

The man dubbed ‘Grey Wiggle’ has been super proud of our female national team, the Matilda’s, and what that means for his daughter Poppy. 

“The growth in women’s sport is huge! I would love to think I can support my daughter in any venture she wants. To have strong role models in high level sport like Sam Kerr and Mary Fowler is something that not only makes me feel good about her future but should also fill her with confidence to chase whatever dreams she has!”

“He is petrified of heights, he can make a mean macaroon and he sleeps with a million layers on - haha!”  


On what we don't know about Andrew

Outside of the joy last year when he sent the Aussies to a fifth-straight World Cup. He is also super proud of his wife Caitlin who just welcomed the couples second child Banjo and Andrew was there to give the support she needed.

“Luckily Andrew was there the whole time! He was incredibly supportive and helped me so much mentally throughout the labour. He counted every contraction with me!”

Coming into the new season Andrew has a lot to look forward to for himself and the game.

“We have a fresh and youthful side at Sydney FC that I think will bring an exciting energy to the games! and terms of national team, the Asian cup is right around the corner, and I hope my form is good enough to hold a spot for that, it is certainly exciting time for Australian football!

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