25 August 2023

There are few players as captivating and talented as Usman Khawaja

In world of cricket, not only has he left an indelible mark on the cricket field with his exceptional skills, but he has also managed to strike a beautiful balance between his professional success and his role as a loving family man. 

Born in Islamabad, Pakistan, Usman Khawaja or Uzzy as he’s affectionately known moved to Australia at a young age and quickly fell in love with the game of cricket. Gifted with natural talent and a remarkable work ethic, Uzzy rose through the ranks, eventually earning his place in the Australian cricket team. With his elegant strokeplay and unwavering determination, he has become a role model for aspiring cricketers around the world.

Uzzy is actually surprisingly good at playing the guitar. And the girls love music so he has pulled his guitar out and is going to start to learn some songs that the girls will recognise and can dance around to.


On what we don't know about Uzzy

But beyond the cricket field what sets Uzzy apart is his ability to prioritise his family (wife Rachel and daughters Aisha and Ayla) amidst the demanding cricketing schedule where he regularly has them joining him on tour and we recently saw this in the Ashes series.

“I love being close to my family and sharing moments. I’m always mindful of my lovely wife who has a heavy burden during these events, but there is nothing like being able to play with the kids on the field after a test match whether we win or not. Aisha and Ayla love it and it’s a special bonding moment that we all get to do together. Particularly for Rachel who’s been through a lot with me in recent years being in and out of the team. It’s nice to be able to enjoy the experience together”.

We asked Usman if the kids have taken an interest in his career.

“Aisha definitely knows ‘dadda’ plays cricket. But I keep it pretty light hearted and for her it’s not any more relevant then that’s what I do for work. Which I like and want to keep it. I won’t be playing forever so it’s important for them to know that it’s just a game. Ayla associates all grassy fields where sport is occuring as “dadda”. So she kinda gets it! 

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