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As a valued member of the Kedron AFL club, Scott carries out multiple roles including coaching two teams and being senior president as well as being a wonderfully devoted dad to 11-year-old Hudson and 18-month-old Gretchen.

Affectionately known as Spud around the club, Scott was nominated by fellow Kedron AFC member Felicity Rogers for his tireless behind the scenes work.

“Spud has been around the club for many years and has taken on numerous roles including Auskick coordinator, coaching junior teams and coordinating and coaching the senior women’s program,” Felicity said.

“He is also a committee member who has taken on the role of club president and always seems to be at the club and putting is hand up to do more.

“He has built stronger connections between the junior girls and senior women’s programs and helped to strengthen the connection between the senior men’s and women’s teams as well as organising gala days.

“Spud just puts his heart and soul into everything at the club and has helped foster an amazing and supportive culture.”

A humble Scott said he loves putting back into the community and cherishes the time he is able to share coaching his son Hudson and having young daughter Gretchen involved.

“I feel the more you put in, the more you get out of it,” Scott said. “These are memories we will have as a family forever.

“It is an amazing honour to win this award and I do what I do because I love coaching and I love our club so to receive this award is an incredible bonus. The fact I do it all with kids who are a part of the community just makes it all the sweeter.”

I’m very grateful for the opportunity each year to play football. This would not be possible without the support of people like Spud who volunteer hours of their lives to support community sport

Felicity Rogers

Felicity said the club has also helped Scott through some hard times, after the tragic passing of his newborn daughter Maisie in 2019.

“Spud is a father figure to many players at the club and provides support to players beyond just football,” Felicity said. “He experienced the loss of Maisie just hours after her birth and the female playing group rallied around him and his family during this time, with many players attending Maisie’s funeral.”

As well as the $5000 winner’s prize, Scott also received some Philips products including the Shaver 9000, and Bodygroom and Multigroom 7000, which he said was handy for “a guy who shaves his head at least twice a week!”

He is planning to spend Father’s Day with his family and meat smoker along with his other family – the female players from Kedron AFC. 

QHi Scott, well done again. How many children do you have?

AI have Hudson who is 11.  Maisie passed away in 2019. She would have been 2 and a half and Gretchen who is 18 months old.  Then there are 60 Lady Lions that have felt like family and daughters over the journey!

QTell us about the Kedron AFL Club and the local community - how important is community sport?

AWhen I joined in 2015 there were 120 players. 1 senior team and the oldest junior team was under 12s.  We now have 5 senior teams and and all junior and youth teams.  Our playing numbers have grown to over 400 in that time.  During that time we have worked hard to develop and keep good people.  That is what makes our community special.  I have always said that football is where you need to be when life is not going well.  Our club personifies this.  We look after each other when times are tough.

QWhat motivates you to do what you do for the local sports community?

AI love footy.  I can't get enough of it.  I have found coaching so rewarding.  From Auskick and under 6 through to under 11s I have coached Hudson.  Coaching the women has given me a community and support group I could never have imagined.  I have watched the group grow from babies just out of high school into women with careers.  Through this time what ever time and energy I have put into the group they have given back to my family and I tenfold.  Being able to do this with Hudson beside me has been amazing.

QAny words for all the other dads out there in Australia that help their local sports communities? 

AWith community sport I feel the more you put in the more you get out of it.  I get to share this time with Hudson and before long I will be back at Auskick with Gretchen.  These are memories that we will all have forever.

Hopefully 2022 looks different and we can all plan the season.

Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there!

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