Get to know Tony

Tony was nominated for the award by his daughter, Jane, who saw first-hand the effort that he put into running the Little Athletic Centre over the years.

“My Dad has been there for his family through thick and thin but has always treated the club and community like his fifth child. He never misses training – rain, hail or shine, and over the past thirty-five years he has only missed a handful of Saturday morning competition days,” said Jane. “There was nothing better than hearing that my Dad was rewarded for all the effort he puts into the Randwick Botany Little Athletic Centre and I would love to say thanks to Philips for starting up such a wonderful award.”

“I was more surprised than excited to have won this award, as I am sure that there were many dads out there who were just as deserving to have won,” said Mr Vecellio. “I was proud that Jane nominated me for this award. It greatly benefited our club in many ways by helping us reward the people who deserved it.”

“For me, the trophy was reward in itself, but the $5,000 Rebel sports voucher which I donated to the club was put to good use purchasing various items – stop watches, balls, toys etc which we gave to our kids at various functions. Best of all I gave Rebel gift vouchers to those kids who do a bit more, the committee and coaches,” stated Mr Vecellio.


Other winners

We acknowledge the contributions and positive impact that Australian dads have made to their families and community both on and off the sporting field.