Get to know David

“I am very proud and I am greatly humbled and honoured to win this award,” David said. “I would like to thank all the people who voted for me and supported the other dads.” David paid tribute to this year’s nominee’s which included Socceroo legend Tim Cahill, AFL’s Brent Harvey who has notched up the most AFL games in history, Fremantle star Matthew Pavlich and Swans co-captain Jarrad McVeigh, NRL and Origin stars Corey Parker and James Maloney as well as four-time Olympian Jamie Dwyer, V8 champ Garth Tander and world cycling star Simon Gerrans.

David generously doubled the prize money from his win and donated $10,000 to Make-A-Wish Australia. “I have been on board with them now for more than a year and Make-A-Wish gives very sick children and teenagers hope for the future, strength to face the challenges of their illness, and joy from their incredible wish experience. “Each wish is approximately $10,000 for the entire process to make a wish come true. “I am greatly humbled and honoured to win this award and be able to help out my charity”.

Speaking about his family and being a father David went onto say “Juggling fatherhood and work is tough for anybody not just myself,” he said. “Some dads leave their kids 9-5, some leave to fight for our country for long periods and may not return. “I leave for a few weeks or months at times and I am fortunate enough to have them travel with me at times.”

“My family means everything to me – I love my beautiful wife and kids”

QWhat’s your favourite thing about being a father to Ivy & Indi?

AMy favourite thing would have to be, picking my daughters up out of their cots in the morning and putting them to bed on the same day amongst other things during the day like painting my finger nails and seeing both girls giggle and laugh at dads expense. Seeing them smile during the day melts my heart. I love them a lot. 

QJuggling fatherhood & a demanding career, it must be tough…?

AJuggling fatherhood and work is tough for anybody not just myself. Some leave their kids 9-5 some leave to fight for our country for long periods at times and some may not return, I leave for a few weeks or months at times and I am fortunate enough to have them travel with me at times plus we have the Internet to FaceTime and Skype which makes it much easier even though your daughter finds it funny to hang up all the time.  These things I'm grateful for, we do this because we care and love our families. It's what I was taught by my parents to get by. Work hard and keep on working hard.

QIs it special being able to take your kids out on the ground and being part of your career?

AIt is very special that I can share those moments with my children. They are at an age where they don't understand till they get a little older, but the pics will tell a good story later on at family bbq's. Although Ivy does know that daddy needs a helmet or a hat for nearly everything.

QWhat is your favourite activity with the kids?

AMy favourite activities would be going down to the park, chilling out and setting to work out what goes on in a kids brain lol. Bath time is always fun as Ivy Mae loves to splash and never wants to get out. Water baby for sure. Indi Rae is too small at the moment but walking her around and playing on her mat is something I enjoy as I can see the smiles on her face. 

QI guess you've seen your partner in a whole new light?

AWhen it comes to my wife it's a whole different story. You hear stories of people being disconnected from their partners not because they don't love each other but the fact they come really close to their kids and forget about their relationship and Candice and I said to each other that no matter what happens we have to make sure we have time for each other. One thing we have done well together is make time. It's the small things that I have found work so well with us. She has been such an amazing mother and even before being a mother what she has done for me and my life is unexplainable. She always puts the kids and me first and that I admire 100%. I could not have asked for a better person to raise my children and be my wife. 

QHow much has your life changed since the kids have come into your life?

AHaving kids has changed my life significantly. I now process things a lot more and make smarter decisions in regards to certain things. It's now all about them and what I have to do as a father to make sure they are guided in the right direction in life. Cricket is important to me but now I have a family they will always be priority and in saying that I love what I do but that's what I think life is about and that's family first. 

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