15 August 2023

Honouring Champions On and Off the Field

Every community is built upon the dedication and selflessness of individuals who go above and beyond to make a positive impact. 

Now celebrating ten years the Philips Community Sports Dad of the Year awards has emerged as a heartwarming and inspiring platform that pays homage to the exceptional fathers who go the extra mile to support youth sports and foster a sense of community. 

Through these awards, Philips not only acknowledges the vital role that these dads play but also highlights the broader impact they have on shaping the lives of young athletes and strengthening their communities.

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The Significance of Community Sports Dad of the Year Award

In 2013 the Community Sports Dad of the Year award was born.

Dads not only serve as coaches, mentors, and role models, but they also instil important life values such as teamwork, discipline, and perseverance and their tireless efforts often go unnoticed.

By honouring these exceptional individuals, the award not only recognises their commitment to their own families but also acknowledges their broader impact on the community.

Every athlete, no matter grassroots or professional, has their story of who has supported them over the years. In many cases this has been a parent who has committed to championing community sports from the sidelines or behind the scenes. The Philips Community Sports Dad of the Year Award was created as an opportunity to come together and collectively say thanks ahead of Father’s Day.

Recognising Remarkable Dads: A Glimpse of Past Winners

Here’s a look at some of the outstanding past winners:

Bradley Benjamin (2022): In  the remote mining community of Lightning Ridge, Bradley stepped up during challenging times when floods and the pandemic disrupted traditional sports activities.  Brad’s goal was to ensure sport was still being played and he did this for the love of his local junior Rugby League club.  He understood the importance of community sport and the huge role it plays in the lives of families in the outback.  Bradley understood that sport was not only an outlet for kids to stay healthy and active but also acknowledged the importance of the social aspect of sport.

Scott Peeler-Hammond (2021): Scott’s passion for inclusive sports was truly inspiring. He led a groundbreaking initiative that established stronger connections between the junior girls and senior women’s programs and he helped to strengthen the connection between the senior men’s and women’s teams, as well as organising gala days for Kedron AFL club. His efforts showcased the power of sports to bring joy and a sense of belonging to all children.

Terry Williams (2019): Father of four and president of the Westlakes Wildcats Football Club, Terry is a fine example of a proud community member who ensures children have a grassroots club to call their own. Terry has been an integral part of the Westlakes Club for more than a decade and besides being the president, also carries out duties including groundsman, registrar and acts for council as facility manager.

Bill Soliola (2018): Bill’s dedication to his community was a driving force behind his recognition. Whenever the club needed help Bill was there, with a smile on his face all while managing home life with ten kids.  Bill’s the coach, first aider, photographer, fundraiser, manager, committee member and someone who never said no to his beloved Berala Bears Rugby League club. His motivation was about ‘giving and not expecting anything back’.

Nominate an Exceptional Dad: How to Get Involved

Nominate a Dad Now!

If you know a father who exemplifies the spirit of the Philips Community Sports Dad of the Year awards, nominating him is a wonderful way to celebrate his dedication and positive influence. 

Here’s how you can take part:

  • Visit the Official Sports Dad of the Year Website (see link button above and below): Begin by navigating to the official website of the awards and go to Community page. Here, you’ll find a nominate now button and click through to the nomination page. You will also see information about the award, prizes and past winners. 
  • Compose a Compelling Nomination: On the nomination page you will nominate your Community Sports Dad and craft a heartfelt nomination that showcases the nominee’s exceptional contributions to his sports community.
  • Submit Your Nomination: Follow the guidelines outlined on the website to submit your nomination. Ensure you provide accurate contact details for both the nominee and yourself.
  • Spread the Word: Encourage others in your community to participate by nominating deserving fathers who have made a significant difference in their sports communities. Share information about the awards through social media, local community groups, and sports organisations to increase awareness and participation.

The Philips Community Sports Dad of the Year awards stands as a heartwarming tribute to the remarkable fathers who contribute their time, passion, and leadership to support youth sports and create a sense of belonging within their communities. The diverse stories of past winners, including Bradley Benjamin, Scott Peeler-Hammond, Terry Williams and Bill Soliola, reflect the range of ways these dads impact young athletes’ lives. By actively participating in the nomination process, you have the opportunity to honour a deserving father and contribute to the celebration of their invaluable contributions.

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