15 August 2022

Community Sports Dad Bill Soliola now has 10 kids and a champion NRLW Player....

Today we catch up with our 2018 Philips Community Sports Dad of the Year winner Bill Soliola and see what he’s been up to;

QHi Bill, hope you’re well. Tells us about the family and how your eight kids are doing?

AThe family is doing well thank you. We have 10 children altogether now. It has got a little busier for me as my wife has already got back to work, which leaves me with the 6-month-old twins during the day. The housework has increased dramatically, but I love it. Afternoons remain the same. I train my kids , then do drop offs and pick-ups, in-between Coaching teams and now working with Bulldogs Junior Development Pathways.

QA big congratulations to Monalisa, it's amazing to see her make the Dragons NRLW team, how does it make you feel?

AYes, it makes me feel really proud as a father and a coach. She and our family , including community friends as a whole, have worked hard to get her where she is today. It's a great community effort.

QDo you take some credit in her selection in the squad with your training and coaching? assistance?

AI would love to say yes, but the fact is, it is a collective achievement of her Great Sydney Community. Her manager John Fadel has been phenomenal with the support for her. Her preseason with Gems set her up to be rep conditioned. Her Bulldogs Tarsha Gale U19s, NSW City U19s, NSW Origin U19s, Sharks Harvey Norman's Women's Premiership and wow her NRLW Dragons Coaching Staff and peers have been the backbone of her current success.

QWhat are your hopes for her?

AOur hope for Monalisa is that she remains healthy. Also, that she is good role model for the younger generation. To make higher reps in footy and/or a Finals for her NRLW Dragons would also be lovely. Mona already has done many footy Clinics in the Sharks and Bulldogs Junior areas. Plus just finished a video with the NSW Police along with NRL players about Combating Community Violence which will be released in the coming weeks. She has also done many interviews and featured on Community news about her pathway.

Great to see that she is already giving back to the Community that helped her get her success. I am a Proud Sports Dad.


On his daughter Monalisa

Finally, many thanks also to her junior club St Johns Eagles U18s for helping her get the kick start. Huge thanks also go to Sia Soliola down at the Raiders for his experience in guiding us in our timing in decision making for Rugby League opportunities. Last thanks goes to family and friends. There are too many to mention. We love you all.

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